Laser Scar

Restore Your Natural Beauty with
Non-Invasive Treatments.

Laser Scar Removal

Restore Your Natural Beauty with Non-Invasive Treatments.

Laser Scar Removal in Alabaster, Al.

Whether you have scars from acne, surgery, or an accident, laser scar removal can help restore your skin’s natural beauty. This aesthetic treatment is one of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of marks on the body. It works by changing the way your skin heals following a wound. While it does not entirely remove all scars, it can make the skin look much smoother and healthier. Today, men and women use Cynosure Icon Laser to diminish their scars.

Thinking about getting laser scar removal? Visit Gafnea Health and Wellness in Alabaster, AL. We are a leading provider of laser scar removal with Cynosure Icon Laser. Our treatment specialists are trained to ensure optimal results for each patient. Call (205) 563-8151 to book a consultation and find out if this treatment is right for you.

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Laser Scar Removal Benefits

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Minimizes the appearance of scars

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Painless and no downtime

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Stimulates collagen production

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Increases cellular renewal

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FDA cleared as safe and effective

Laser Scar Removal Before and After*

The laser scar removal before and after results show the impressive results possible using the powerful Cynosure Icon Laser. Each person achieves a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their scars, such as significant fading. As with any skin treatment, results will vary per person depending on your skin.*
*results may vary
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Understanding Laser Scar Removal

Laser scar removal is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses a laser to fade scars. It can reduce the appearance of scars from acne, surgery, or trauma. If you feel self-conscious about any scars, a laser procedure may be just what you need for a confidence boost! In addition to scars, laser treatment can improve skin tone and encourage a smoother texture.

Scar laser removal is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types. The procedure is non-surgical, so it is less likely to cause discomfort than alternative procedures for removing scars. If you had surgery before, you likely have a noticeable scar on your body. Laser therapy can help make the scar less noticeable.

Using lasers to remove old scars improves your complexion and can go a long way to restoring self-esteem. Results vary from patient to patient depending on factors like age, the thickness of scar tissue, and the scar’s location.

Laser Scar Removal with the Cynosure Icon Laser

The Cynosure Icon Laser is a premier scar removal laser. This advanced system has been proven to improve the appearance of scars, including surgery, burn scars, and some stretch marks. In addition, the scar removal laser pen improves skin texture around the treated areas by stimulating new collagen production in that region.

Here are some quick fun facts about Cynosure Icon Laser for scar removal:

  • It treats small or large areas of skin damage at once without harming surrounding tissues or causing further damage at the treatment site.

  • It removes any color of scar tissue, from brown to pink and white.

  • It is safe for all skin tones.

  • It is fast, easy, and produces remarkable results.

  • It does not involve downtime.

  • Treatments take 5-30 minutes.

Laser Scar Removal Treatment Plan for Acne

Acne can leave an indelible mark on your confidence, especially if the scars are severe. If you are considering acne scar laser treatment to improve the appearance of your skin, it is important to know how many treatments you need. This is different for each patient because each case is unique. The number of sessions required to achieve optimal results depends on factors like skin color and thickness and the type and depth of scarring.

Most clients generally need 3-6 sessions spaced out 4-6 weeks apart to see a remarkable difference. Each session takes no more than half an hour.

Laser Scar Removal Results*

Scar laser removal makes scars look less obvious but does not completely remove them. It employs laser energy to improve the scars’ texture, color, and size. Pulses of laser light penetrate the treatment area to break down the scar tissue and boost new skin growth. You may require a few sessions before noticing results. As with all cosmetic skin treatments, individual experiences will vary.*

Laser Scar Removal Cost

Laser scar removal cost is dependent on a few factors:
  • Size of scar

  • Location of scar

  • Depth of scar

  • Type of scar

Let’s say you had a significant injury that required major surgery. The scar from this invasive procedure will be more expensive to treat than a small scar that resulted from a less severe accident. It is important to note that deeper scars require more intensive treatment and, thus, cost more. Also, certain types of scars are more challenging to treat than others.

Get a quote for laser scar removal by visiting a nearby provider. A skilled professional can look at your scar and give you a better idea of how much it will cost to treat it. From there, you can discuss your budget. Finally, a great provider like Gafnea Health and Wellness can create a personalized treatment plan that delivers stunning results without breaking the bank.

Laser Scar Removal Near Me

Scars on the body, no matter where they are, can make a person feel less attractive or self-conscious. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Laser scar removal helps restore confidence in your skin by reducing unsightly blemishes caused by acne or other scars.

Interested in learning more? Contact Gafnea Health and Wellness. We are a top provider of the Cynosure Icon Laser scar removal treatment. Men and women in Alabaster, AL, and surrounding regions trust us for their cosmetic procedures. Give us a call at (205) 563-8151 to book an initial consultation.

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